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Mealworm Time® Dried Mealworms (30)

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Your bird's favorite part of the day is Mealworm Time! All natural, high protein dried mealworms are the perfect treat and supplemental food source for chickens, ducks, bluebirds, woodpeckers, and more.

Get 30 pounds of quality dried mealworms at a great low price. Shipped in 2 easy to handle 15 lb bags.

Mealworm Time® We are your source for high quality mealworms.  We pride ourselves in providing great quality with service to match and that’s guaranteed . 

Mealworms for Poultry - Our mealworms make a great treat for most poultry including chickens, ducks, and turkeys but the high protein found in our dried mealworms makes it a great protein supplement too. When your hens are going